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Herodiade Chatnoir. A passionate model that loves art

Herodiade Chatnoir. A passionate model that loves art

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Herodiade is a passionate model that loves art and she chooses to show it in every aspect of her lifestyle. She considers the human body an artwork and she has even posed for great painters.

Can you tell me a little about you?

Hi! I’m Hérodiade. “I am nobody” , after I’ m a “cat lady”, model, bohemian artist (painter), lover, athlet, fall in love with life. I’m free as a wind and the only owner of my body.

How and when did you get into your profession?

It all started working at the Grind House club: the owner Lorenzo Lorini (as well as photographer of the shots you are looking at now) and his partner (the model @sergeant_ice) believed in me a lot and taught me the basics of this.

On an aesthetic level, my pose is very mature and I have full awareness of my body, I feel free to experiment with more twisted poses or to interpret in a more cinematic way.

What does modeling mean to you?

Modeling makes me an artwork, and I want my life be an artwork.

Could you describe your style in three words?

Clear bohemian eroticism.

Where do you get inspiration from?

Everything inspires me. Films, daily life, other models, paintings, books, people and thoughts.

What was the most uncomfortable situation you encountered during a session ?

I am very uncomfortable when photographers touch me (ex: to adjust my dress, etc) without my consent or get too, especially if I’m naked.

I’ll tell you this anecdote: I was posing for an amateur photographer in a very isolated wood. My cell phone had no range and after a few shots I realized that he was secretly photographing my private parts. I didn’t know what to do as I was alone with him, in the middle of nowhere and without the ability to call someone to help. I was afraid he would hurt me if I told him I saw what he was doing.

What a model should be careful for ?

For exactly the same reason mentioned above.

What has been your most memorable session and why?

Maybe when i posed for the master Roberto Ferri. He is not a photographer, but he is one of the greatest Italian painters of our days. My idol!

Can you name four of your favorite photographers you worked with?

Pino Leone, Max Menghini, Paolo Lazzarotti, Francesco Chinazzo.

What is one piece of advice you would like to offer a new model looking to start their own career?

To every neophyte model: Don’t take this job lightly and be shrewd because there are many wolves out there. Always respect yourself. Be careful and don’t be afraid to ask for information from whoever contacts you or from more experienced models.Study and self-awareness are also

BONUS QUESTION: Redflag the “strange” photographer’s behavior.

Beware of too much insistence on treating photographic genres or poses that you don’t want to deal with. Don’t agree to shoot without a release and don’t sign releases without first reading them carefully. If possible, discuss each point of the release before the shoot and make sure of the use that will be made of the material produced. Beware of crafty people: if you have not given consent to the sale of your image, the photographer MUST NOT DO SO FOR ANY REASON. Do not accept jobs without an invoice or withholding tax, there are many legal risks and more: if the person is incorrect, they may never pay you. A photographer who proposes himself but does not have a portfolio and / or does not want to show his works, is not a photographer, nor a serious and reliable Pay attention to how the photographer behaves during the shooting: it is not professional who touches the model or approaches without permission (mainly if she is not dressed).

“Modeling makes me an artwork, and I want my life be an artwork.”

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