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I met Dan a long time ago in one of his workshops and I was amazed at first by his approach and his distinctive use of blue and teal tones as well as his skin tones. He has a different touch and uniqueness of his own. He emphasizes in finding your own style but in the same time you will find difficult to break this chain with his colours.

Can you tell me some things about yourself?

I was born in Ukraine and received my art education. Since childhood I have been interested in photography. Professional photogra- pher since 2007. From 2010 actively engaged in teaching activities in the field of photography. I developed clear structured method of present- ing information, aimed at maximum absorption of knowledge and the de- velopment of the creative component of each student.

You are also very well known about your worldwide work- shops. How does it feel influenc- ing that great number of artists?

I do not set myself a goal to influence someone. I express my love for the world through my creativity, I admire the beauty of the woman’s body. And I am very glad that my sincere admiration for beauty is influencing a large number of photographers.

How did you decide to start the workshops?

Seeing my photos on the Internet, photographers from many countries wanted to understand how I create them, they began to invite me with workshops and classes around theworld.

What was your inspiration?

My inspiration is classical painting of the Renaissance period.

How do you select your models?

Every woman is beautiful in her own way and I always try to show this beauty. Although I prefer models with pronounced collarbones and ribs.

What does photography mean to you?

My photography is a reflection of my inner world, an expression of love for the world through admiration for the shape of the female body. The female body is the most perfect form in the world, an expression of beauty in itself.

What is the best moment of the day?

Depends on time. Morning coffee probably.

What kind of music do you listen to at the moment?

Kim “the choice”.

Do you listen to the radio?


What books do you have on your bedside table?

Eckhart Tolle “The Power of Now”.

Do you have any pets?


Who would you like to work for or collaborate with?

Pirelli calendar.

Describe your style like a good friend of yours would describe it.

Photography like painting.

Criminality or pollution. Extinct one. Why?


Who are you five years from now?

I never make plans and do not believe in them, life will show it.

“My photography is a reflection of my inner world, an expression of love for the world through admiration for the shape of the female body. ”

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